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Even before I had been there personally, I was so very fascinated by the country Sweden (and not to forget by the language), that I absolutely wanted to publish something about that subject. Somehow everything happened accidentally. The first step was, that at some time I made up my mind to realize the decision to start learning an other foreign language. And since it unaccountably always had drawn me to the North, I finally choosed Swedish. Well, and then I got cought, and up to now it didn´t let me go...

For this (a little bit different) Sweden-Page I have gathered texts, which in the main deal with feminism. If you prefer more universal themes you may have a look at the photos, the shipsettings, the song contest or the links.

I´m sorry, but the following topics are only availabal in German:

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Here I want to express my thanks to all of you, who write into my guestbook. I am very happy to receive so many nice comments from so many people!!! Unfortunately at the moment I'm very busy, therefore I don't answer to any emails. But in case you are having some questions according to Sweden I recommend to make use of my forum. There you will surely find people with similar interests, who will be able to help you quickly.

And last but not least I apologize for my bad English and wish you a beautiful life...


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