On this page you can find a collection of places, it is worth while to get visited. Of cause there is much more to see in the respective regions. But in the following paragraphs I have confined myself to those places, which I consider as specially recommendable. So if you are seaching for suggestions for your trip to Sweden: Here they are!


Borgby Skans - Hjo - Hornborgasjön - Kinnekulle - Tibro - Tiveden


Borgby Skans:

Borgby Skans...The stronghold Borgby Skans near Västerås belongs to the biggest and at the same time to the most mysterious relicts of Sweden's prehistorically past. It is a fortress, which has been built during the iron age. Archaeological examinations show, that the major part of the stronghold was being erected during 200 and 600 A. D. The rampart is imposingly big and testifies of an advanced social structure. During the times, in which the stronghold was used for defending purposes, it could get strengthened by palisades or boxes from wood. The entrance of these early strongholds got usually closed by a wooden door.



Hjo...Hjo...The idyllical fishing village Hjo (also called "Hyo" or "Hioo"), which was founded in the 14. century, lies directly at the lake Vättern. Here you can swim, camping, play golf or just enjoy the silence. A large public park with more than 1000 trees invites to take a walk and to recover. Many exclusive villas can be found here, in which the upper classes of society used to spend their holidays during the last century. Directly besides lies the harbour with it's two lighthouses.



Hornborga Naturum...The artificially designed wet-area Hornborgasjön is one of the largest bird lakes in Scandinavia and among others a resting place for the cranes on their way from Africa to the breeding-places of northern Europe. Hornborgasjön...Thousands of these imposing birds assemble here in the spring in order to do their mating dance (which is also called "dance of the cranes", swed. "Trandansen"). One of the best observation places is the nature-information center "Hornborga Naturum" (left picture), which is usually being opened from the end of March until the end of August. But also during the rest of the year it is possible to use the numerous look-out towers and walking paths around the lake.



Kinnekulle Ring...Kinnekulle Ring...Kinnekulle-Ring (here 2000 during the final of "Swedish Rallycross Championship") lies near the community Götene and is with it's track-lenght of about 2 km and a width of 10 m one of the most famous race tracks in Sweden. The first race took place in 1969 here. The track is owned by the sportscar-club of Stockholm, of which it is being used regulary.



Motocross...If you like motocross I recommant the motocross-track of Tibro near Skövde to you. At "Idrottsgymnasiet" ("Idrotts-Gymnasium") of that village it is even possible to choose motocross as an extra subject. Besides the ordinary course of instruction therefore also theory and practice of motocross is the programme. Training takes place almost daily.



Tiveden...The national park Tiveden, which was being arranged in 1983 and lies near the country road 49 between Karlsborg and Askersund, has a size of 1353 ha, of which 137 ha are waterarea. Tiveden...The forest shall be given the possibility to develope to virgin forest. Therefore in Tiveden no forest culture is practiced at all. All in all there exist 25 km marked paths, which make it possible to walk in circles between a length of 1,5 and 15 km. Because of the facts, that the terrain is very hilly (great rock bolders and formations as relicts from the ice-age) and the forest partly extremely dense, it is recommanded to be a good walker.


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